Playoff Update. The BBC v. DDS series will continue September 2 at 7 pm. Game 5 of that series or Game 1 of the Championships will be played Sunday Sept. 7 at 5 pm, if necessary.

For the remainder of the Playoffs games will be scheduled Sunday at 5 and Tuesday at 7 pm at the high school with makeup games Monday and Wednesday if needed. 

American League Championship, best of 5:

Knights of Pythias 19 McLaughlin Painting 6

Knights of Pythias 13 McLaughlin Painting 6

Knights of Pythias 12 McLaughlin Painting 10

KOP wins 3-0, will advance to the Championships


National League Championship, best of 5:

DirtDawg Sports 11 British Beer Co. 10

DirtDawg Sports 11 British Beer Co. 10

British Beer Co. 9 DirtDawg Sports 6

DDS leads 2-1

Next Game Tuesday September 2, at 7 pm

Playoff Matchups (Round 1, best of 5):

American League:

Game 1:
Knights of Pythias 16 Old & In the Way 8
Game 2:
Knights of Pythias 20 Old & In the Way 12

Game 3:
Knights of Pythias 20 Old & In the Way 5

KOP Wins 3-0. Next game Tuesday 7 pm vs. TTL or MLP 

Game 1:

TriTown Liquors 13 McLaughlin Painting 5
Game 2:
McLaughlin Painting 9 TriTown Liquors 4

Game 3:
McLaughlin Painting 22 TriTown Liquors 20

Game 4:

TriTown Liquors 17 McLaughlin Painting 11
Series tied 2-2.  Next game Sunday at 5 pm.

National League:

Game 1:

British Beer Co. 25 Knights 10

Game 2: 

British Beer Co. 14 Knights 8

Game 3

British Beer Co. 14 Knights 1
BBC wins 3-0. Next game Tuesday 8:30 p.m.

Game 1:

DirtDawg Sports 11 Sharon Optical Sharks 6
Game 2: 
Sharon Optical Sharks 9 DirtDawg Sports 7

Game 3:

DirtDawg Sports 8 Sharon Optical Sharks 1

Game 4:
DirtDawg Sports 15 Sharon Optical Sharks 14

DDS wins 3-1. Next game Tuesday 8:30  p.m.

  • Playoff Reminders: 
  • The 15 run slaughter rule is in effect.
  • All playoff games must go seven innings unless the slaughter rule has taken effect.
  • If a playoff game gets stopped for ANY REASON after 5 innings it will resume where it left off.
  • Batting orders will remain the same. A player that was not at the postponed game will be placed at the bottom of the order in the continued game. If a player that was at the game cannot attend the continued game the next batter will be required to hit. So keep good books. 
  • If a game gets called for ANY REASON before 5 innings (4 1/2 if the home team is ahead) the game will be played over in its entirety.
  • Home team in the finals will be the team with the best regular season record regardless of seed.


Welcome, this is the web site for Sharon Men's Softball.  This web site contains the league standings, schedule, by laws, etc., and will be the source for all announcements pertaining to the league, including the place to check for updates regarding rainouts.  If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to

Dave Sweeney, Commissioner
Bob Lee, Assistant Commissioner
Jack Armstrong, Treasurer


See the new league format on the standings page.

All teams will now compete for the league pennant and the championships.

See the league by-laws page for details about the new playoff rules, new Sharon High School Alumni exemptions from the residency requirement and roster submission requirements.


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